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Marie Washtag, writer of contemporary novels

Review for my novel An Unexpected Mess

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A Cossack's House

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A Cossack's House

A Cossack's House « There is a house, There isn’t a house, House, house, Ha ha ha. The house moves, Leg house, Run house, Ha ha ha. No leg, It flies, Winged house, Ha ha ha. Winged house, Carpet house, Engine carpet, Ha ha ha. »
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A Cossack's House (English cover)

A Cossack's House « The theme of the novel is a love story, intertwined legacy and human relations - in the Cossack regions, on the river Don, in the south of Russia. The successor is a young, attractive woman, a client. »
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Lilly Among Clouds

Lilly Among Clouds Morning dawned, there was no tomorrow, no other tomorrow for them at this point, and they didn’t know anything, will there, whether, where, how ... They said what they had to say, they listened to each other, tried to understand and remember it all... and hoped...
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An Unexpected Mess

An Unexpected Mess This is a story about contemporary life in a modern country, about cruel existential conditions and violence against people - women and men alike. Simultaneously, this is a story about the existence of human solidarity in an unknown environment, even in the cruelest life conditions. At the same time, this is a story about how people should never lose hope and self-confidence, as well as faith in people all around the world.
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Other editions

Lili durch die Wolken (German Edition)

A Cossack's House « Dieser Roman erzählt von den jungen Menschen von heute, gekreuzigt zwischen Erlösung und Zerstörung, Hoffnung und Verzweiflung. »
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Lilly Entre las Nubes (Spanish Edition)

Lilly Among Clouds Drama, novela psicologica. Trata sobre problemas de la guerra, con enfasis en la Segunda Guerra Mundial y los problemas de los refugiados, de drogas, la violencia, la delincuencia, la prostitucion y el desempleo.
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Short about me

I am a midle–aged writer, with a lot of life experience.In my novels, I try to convey everything that I have practically psycho-physically experienced and perceived as human life in the time in which we live. All I write is related to events in today s time. I think that I should remind the readers of some important historical moments that will help them to take a deeper view of the future. As I write novels, I try to talk about what in other books is little or no accent. My goal is to broaden the human aspects towards a growing mutual understending of completely foreign people, who in this open time move in all directions around the world.

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